Sunday, December 7, 2008

Quilting by Myself

Well, I am proud that I pinned this whole twin sized quilt to tie on the frame by myself ,all until putting the clamps on the corners! I set it up in my living room next to our grand piano. I think I could get a queen sized one up in there with the couch pushed against the windows this way. It was lonely without mom and my sisters! This is one of our "talk ABout" quilts featuring novelty fabrics. My friend Donna chose all the fabrics for this one last Spring and then has been overcome by life events and could never come help make it. So It has been hanging around on my cutting table, so I whipped it up. It just happens to be Christmas time and I can't decide to wait for that to give it to her or just give it early. I love her and wanted to show my support. Sometimes it can be awkward for our family to slather people with creative gifts we've made, if the one receiving the handmade thing feels too overwhelmed. Those who we love get used to it. Once you've bought the supplies it is hard to just make one of something.  I have now made about 25 of those fabric wallets.  I want everyone to get one for Christmas. Years ago, I went through a dried flower wreath phase and I must have made 20 that fall.

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Wow! It looks really good.