Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bernina Factory

So in Zurich I found this Bernina place and I was sure it was the factory. I went in to look around and try to get a deal on the latest Bernina that does everything for $7800 dollars that I saw here at the Houston quilt show. I looked around, found someone who spoke English and they told me they wouldn't even have delivery of the machines in Switzerland until April! My Aunt Sue has been sewing on her Bernina since 1960, I got a Bernina Nova as a wedding gift in 1980 that is still in our family, going strong and is still worth on Ebay what we paid for it. Wow are the new ones expensive though. I had told myself I deserved it, I sew all the time and is my husband still using a computer from 1987, the last time I replaced mine? But $ 7800 just seemed too dear, maybe they will go down in price...

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