Tuesday, December 9, 2008

quilted jacket

I did a lot of traveling in November and almost no crafting, but I am back in the saddle before Christmas. Here are a few pictures from my journeying. Here I am wearing a quilted coat my mom made for me years ago. It has a flannel interlining. I washed it and it shrunk two sizes and I am just now back in this size again and can wear it. Look at how many tiny pieces of aqua fabrics! Oh yeah, I am in Switzerland in these photos.


Sara said...

I didn't know you were going to Switzerland! How fun! I love this jacket. What ever happened the Africa print one mom made from all those fabrics she got at G-street?

MyCraftTime said...

I think I still have that one stored with my quilts, it was sized even larger than this one. I went to Switzerland the second week in NOV. It was lovely about 70 degrees and sunny. We walked and walked.