Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Nascar not Crafting

Last month Judy and I went to the O'Reilly cup with Richard and Zack, our first ever Nascar event for the 4 of us. We were totally surprised at how many fans there were, and how loud it was. Duh! We had to buy earplugs. We won these tickets at a charity silent auction. Never say that I am not the hostess with the mostest when you come to visit me. Judy and I drove to Houston for the big quilt show also. I was not enamored of this sport though and wished for some embroidery or a book---Now if this blog only had "loud-o-vision" You could hear the swoosh of the lapping cars. Notice way past the score pole the miles of parked campers, the second farther rows back? That's where we parked. Luckily, there was a trolley to get nearer before the race. and a nice lady drove us back in her golf cart afterwards, stars in her crown in heaven, kind stranger!
My husband and son said they could understand the lure, they found the whooshing of the laps to be strangely mesmerizing.

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Jessica said...

Josh says this must be the easiest sporting event to be a sportscaster at. You can do it blindfolded. AND THEy're off and there they go taking a left billy bob is in the lead and yup it's another left. rinse and repeat 100's of times!