Saturday, October 18, 2008

Wonder wallet Fantastico

My sisters, mother and I gathered to sew on this fun project this week. WE cut out and made lots of these little wallets. The pattern is available from or perhaps your local quilt store. These worked up super fast and we made lots of different color variations. One fat quarter piece of fabric 18x22" makes two. We mixed them all up and dove headfirst into our scrap fabrics. Our favorites were the last ones with the candies! This was so fun, It is very small and hods just your ID a few folded bills, a credit card and that's about it! Perfect for kids school ID's or bus passes or even for your gym bag when all you need is ID and a few dollars for the water machine---


Rachel said...

I love them!! Cute idea!

redintheheadster said...

Love the wallets! Marian you would be so proud of me. I finally managed to make something other than socks. I finished a pair of fingerless gloves for Kelsey, but they remind me of Barney the Dinosaur. I'll send you a picture when I finish the spots.