Monday, December 29, 2008

Nativity sets

I went to my local thrift store and found some fun nativity sets for a great price. THis first one is  the playmobil set, I was going to buy this one for Natalie but then saw that it has way too many little bits and pieces, so it is mine now. Then I got one of those sets that someone has sewn and hand-stuffed. The round porcelain one had no lights so I inserted a strand of battery operated led lights. They stayed lit for days. Mom painted the chunky wood ones for me years ago as well as the set of three elegant painted figures. On the top we see a fun children's turned wood glossy painted set from China, which no grand baby of mine will gnaw on due to the lead paint scares. The last top left one came in that felt box with a creche on it! Inside were little polymer clay figurines, which was a super price because one sheep was missing! At least everyone else was there. So for the last 25 years I have had 2 nativities and now I have 8, 9 counting the box! So now I have a collection of nativities, or something new to collect and display.


Sara said...

I love nativity sets. Always have. I have one simple rule, though. The baby jesus has to come out of the manger. Maybe when I was little we had one with a particularly nice-feeling baby jesus, because I've always loved holding them and then putting them down in the little hay bed.

stephanietworek said...

My parents used to have a nativity set. But we havent had one in years. The people always get lost. I did find the baby Jesus this year. I let Natalie hold it and I told her it was baby Jesus and she said baaa baa.