Sunday, March 30, 2008

Tupperware is not a craft!

I went to great effort to carpool a full truckload of my friends to a craft show on Friday.  We drove about 20 miles, paid an admission of 4 dollars to get in, there were about 100 vendors. It was supposed to be a "juried craft show". What was annoying was all the people selling stuff that was  NOT crafts.

On the craft side, there were people making sundresses, lots of jewelry vendors, one potter, one metalsmith and one stained glass craftsman. Even the soap makers and the candle ladies and the lotions that one woman made herself.

On the "halfway crafty" list I am putting the people who make food and food kits, dip mixes (that they produce) and the casserole mix folks from TX sampling their yummy casseroles from crock pots.

The not crafty people in my book are: the Mary Kay and Avon contingent, the Tupperware folks and vitamin resellers, also people selling lint rollers and handbags and clothing that they obviously did not produce. I am including all those other resellers of Chinese made crafts or foreign jewelry that I can buy from local stores. I understand the venue for home based business like some of these but as a crafter myself I found it really annoying that they were advertised as crafters! I think our carload of 5 eager to buy women must have spent less than 100 dollars total. I was hoping to find crafters with innovative ideas that we could team with to make custom kits for our website, but no such luck.

My daughter took her beautiful baby quilts, bibs and burp cloths to a large MD show last summer and the vendor in the next booth told her that to make any money at these outdoor craft markets she would need to start selling things that she bought wholesale to resell. That is kind of sad, don't you think?


Sara said...

no, tupperware is not a craft until you glue on googly eyes and pompom tails. and secure rickrack around the lid. and make holiday-themed candy mixes to go inside.

MyCraftTime said...

So true, we could have a "pimp my tupperware" Party!