Friday, March 28, 2008

Great Art book

This book, "Making Paper and Fabric Rubbings" is so fitting on this grey day. It starts out with a wonderful chapter on historical rubbings. It shows rubbing styles from all over the world, including those Japanese fish prints. I guess you are rubbing a dead fish?

The rubbings are from many sources, the obvious gravestones, to architectural details, coins, jewelry, floor tiles, etc. The tutorials discuss, teaching rubbings (to both adults and children), the different papers and waxes, etc. She also discuss doing "tourist rubbings" when you travel, plus there is more and more in this book. My copy today was from the library, but I'll be buying this book, I may even buy her earlier one too.

This reminds me that I saw a quilt at a big show once that featured gravestone designs. It was not too impressive from across the room in it's shades of grays, beiges  and grayish greens but was fascinating up close. I'll have to look at my picture file and see if I can find it.

Nevertheless, thanks to this book this morning, I will go looking at the world today a whole different way.

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Sara said...

I remember making gravestone rubbings!! Mom took me to do that when I was around 10 or so. My friends thought it was "weird". I suppose they meant "morbid", but I just thought the graveyard felt like a nice, quiet park.