Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Texas Book Club

I hosted my first book club meeting in my home today.  We read "The Dog of My Nightmares" by Dave Lieber, a great collection of folksy wit, wisdom and relationships. The book is a compilation of his work as a Texas metro columnist. Quick short stories and easy starting point for our group of 12 ladies in attendance!

I made  a big salad of spring greens, strawberries and nuts, had banana bread and guacamole and made some lentil soup. The discussion brought up an interesting point, that if we file all our chatty emails in a book, they would be our easy personal history or family story. We discussed Texas culture, local saying, music, sights, etc. Some in our group felt Dallas was not too friendly, others thought just the opposite. Several of us thought that Connecticut was the unfriendliest state we'd lived in.

I recommend Dave Lieber as a motivational speaker or storyteller, he came to our quilt guild and kept all the ladies enthralled with his humor for 45 minutes. Plus a special treat, he emailed his phone number and we actually talked to him today about his book and his family during our book club, how nice is that? Lucky for all my friends afar his self published book is available online at Amazon or on his site www.yankeecowboy.com.

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