Thursday, March 27, 2008

I Love Aprons

I usually wear an apron when I cook, and Mama and I both have Aprons with big pockets full of safety pins for putting our quilts on the frame. I'd buy restaurant aprons in Blue or red from Sam's Club and they are pretty utilitarian. I have been feeling a pretty apron splurge coming on. I priced one at a recent opening of a "foodie grocery store experience" near my home.$38! wow, for an apron!

So I couldn't buy just one pattern ,in my apron making flurry (planning for aprons, actually) I have about 6 patterns including one kids sized one. I'll review that one for MyCraftTime. I first got inspired by the blog at Tie One on--

I read this quote by Marlene Dietrich
"I love Aprons. The large white ones with the broad band and large square pockets. I used to buy nurses apron's, the old fashioned kind with all-around gathers. Pockets in a clinging apron don't mean much. A woman in an apron invites hugging. The apron of a woman flung over a chair is a wonderful still life. And the pockets of that apron, harboring sticky unwrapped candies, crumpled bits of paper, newspaper ads hastily torn out, pennies and nickels and a ribbon stuck to aband-aid, one baby sock and a bottle cap should be food for poets...."

Then I picked this apron fabric for my first fancy apron, with red polka dot fabric for the ruffle and matching polka dot ribbon for easy ties. i should whip this up later this week and add a picture of a completed apron.


Rachel said...

I love that quote!

Sara said...

I want a sexy apron from this woman:

Love you Mern!