Sunday, March 30, 2008

Lavender Spring Glories

It is supposed to hail today in the Dallas area so I ran out to snap a quick picture of my wisteria vine that popped out in such a lovely color this weekend. It had more buds, I hope they will survive some hail too. This Spring I waited for bulbs to pop up in the yard of our new home, just in case things had been planted. It looks like I have lots of irises but none of my favorite, the cheerful daffodils.

When I was a child in Washington state we stopped once at a daffodil grower when we out on a drive, (yes, people used to do this with their kids for entertainment) and bought armfuls of all the fanciest varieties, each child was holding a bunch, they must have been cheap. There were white ones with peach trumpets and yellow with white trumpets and yellow with orange, ones with double petals and ones with frills, even pale green ones, etc. Unfortunately they stunk up our car so badly that we couldn't even make it home. I think we just threw them away.  

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