Friday, October 10, 2008

Wild Lampwork beads

These great handmade Lamp work beads in lime, black and periwinkle blue are one of my favorite purchases this year. It has taken me ages to get this necklace put together. Nothing seemed special enough. I  bought all I could afford of these at a show in Grapevine TX.

I was looking for a black metal component spacer to go with these, which I never found. I did find these acrylic spacer shapes. I like them but they were half the size I expected from their photos. 
I  strung the components and lamp work beads with black crimps on black Soft Flex wire. I was lucky to find a strand of vintage french beads in this periwinkle color to extend this a little. Look what fun shapes these are. I made the cone ones into funky earrings. When I strung the cones upside down with the point up they looked to much like Christmas trees, Now they look like umbrellas. Or Ice cream cones. I like them anyways.

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Sara said...

This one is SO gorgeous in person. It's one of the few times that I, a non-wearer of most necklaces, has coveted one of yours.