Monday, October 6, 2008

Creative beading Truth in Blogging

My husband came walking by and said "You really should show them what a mess you work in!" Yes, I  need to have all my stash on the table at once when I am working---There are even boxes on chairs across from me that are not in these pictures.

I like :
Jewelry tools out--Round nose pliers, crimper tool, chain nose plier, wire cutter, snips, jeweller's cement, tweezers.

a design board, lots of little plates, Those bead keeper springs to hold your strand secure, scrimps. Soft flex wire in lots of sizes and colors

I am even using all those jump rings and stuff that fell on my floor. Waah, The whole box tipped off the table and is gathered into that tin!

I keep a lot of my stuff in plastic compartment containers, but some stranded stuff and packaged items are just in a bin until I get to them.

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Sara said...

Ah, the creative chaos!! This is too funny, and familiar!