Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Trip down Memory Lane

I made this collaged  suitcase for my sister jess. She sent me some photos of it to add to my crafty blog. I bought an old suitcase and relined the inside with pretty fabric. I took all the old fabric out carefully and used it as a pattern for the new pieces. I covered lightweight cardboard pieces that were about the weight of cereal boxes. covered them with Tacky glue and smoothed the fronts and turned all the raw edges under to the back, and then glued them back into the insides of this suitcase. I promise that future projects like this will have some "in process" photos.

I painted the outside of this suitcase with two thin coats of white gesso. It still had a slight texture to it afterwards, Then I glued cut pieces of wrapping papers, cards, old stamps and some scrap booking sayings to cover the whole suitcase. The gold metallic floral designs were rub-ons available in the scrap booking stores. I used Golden's acrylic matte medium as glue. It dried hard and then I covered the entire piece with several coats of varnish to protect it further. If you click on these photos more detail will come up.

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Cairen said...

Hey My name is Cairen and just stumbled onto your blog, I just bought two beautiful suitcases at a garage sell and the insides of them are kinda gross. Was is hard relining the inside of the suitcase... do you mind e-mailing me at and maybe giving me some really detailed steps of how you did it? I love the suitcases and want to use them but am not sure what to do...