Sunday, April 6, 2008

On a Whim

These new pics are of my sister Jess's latest batik quilt tops, all ready for tying. The warm tones one is "On a Whim" and the blues are named "River of Time" We got together earlier this fall and made a wedding quilt for Erica, my daughter's friend. 

Rachel,Jess and I all worked on this one together. Before Rachel came, Jess and I ironed and cut for days! We cut up all of our batiks into: 3 1/2 " strips, 2 1/2" strips, 4 1/2" blocks, 6 /2" blocks and 1 1/2" strips. This made for almost no waste of all our scraps. We divvied up the leftovers and all have fabric for more quilts. Jess was so dazzled and inspired by Erica's quilt that she rushed home and started hers, mine are still in a box in the closet.

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Rachel said...

I LOVE the orange one!!!