Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Book Store Bonanza

Went to a fabulous new big big BIG half price bookstore in Dallas yesterday with my friend Shirley. We made a special trip out to this bookstore about 30 minutes from our homes. It is the size of a Walmart, so enormous, and had a coffee shop and a section for every subject and genre. It seemed like they had every magazine ever published. It was spacious and airy and everyone was super helpful. The problem now is that it has soured me to my local branch of this same store, only 5 minutes away. My local store is cramped and not so friendly. 

 I am really trying to get books from my library and support that, at the rate I devour books that only makes sense. So only books that are really nifty will I bother to purchase, even half price. But it was such a delightful shopping experience. Sorry that this picture of the place makes it look so teensy, truly it's not. Even worth a visit if you come to Big D.

oh and I bought this book, recommended by Shirley, it looks funny, I'll let you know-- She's from Houston, so I guess she should know, being from the South.

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