Monday, September 22, 2008

Sunny Triangles quilt

I'm still working on this quilt for my friend's alternative health office. First off it was too hot to sew in my little upstairs studio all summer here in Texas, now a few cooling breezes have me finishing up some projects. This was much more difficult to assemble than I would have thought. The problems came because it was not nearly as random a design as it looks. The triangles have to be put together in odd ways to have the rows come out straight. It is cheery though!
I wanted to have a labyrinth quilted on this one but I think it is too confusing for my quilter's long arm, making all those channels unless she has a double needle option? I am also having problems figuring out how to transfer the design to this quilt top. It will default to something simple eventually.

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redintheheadster said...

WoW Marian, it's so beautiful and hard to do. How did you get all those triangles to match up? I tried something similar once and gave up in despair. I hope you will put up a picture of the finished product.