Thursday, September 4, 2008

review: Alphabetica

"Enter surprise truths, enter imaginatively into someone else's life" a great quote from the introduction of Alphabetica: an A-Z creativity guide for collage and book artists by Lynn Perella. This is a book for players in this great altered art game. No instructions, It assumes you will love the artworks for their own sakes and  enjoy the each artist varied take on their Letter and themes.

I collect Alphabet books and I love altered art! I had to buy this one,  S is for sign in, P is for Plaid, U is for Unlimited,  F is for flapping and Q is for quirky and so much more, some letters defined more than once. C'mon, F is for flapping? You gotta run find this book to see what is flapping in it, now don't you?!

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