Monday, September 8, 2008

Auction dilemma

The dilemma for a crafty person is that everything at an auction is like a sad puppy, just begging to come home with you, definitely the case with this old, chewed up, stained quilt! My husband says I don't dare to go to auctions after I brought home in the past: 12 old crab nets, 20 18 inch glass rose bowls, pounds of stinky potpourri to go in the bowls, and several boxes of antique linens and lace.

I haven't gone in years but then went to one recently where this old quilt was so sad and shabby and only 4 dollars. I haven't been able to think of anyting to do with it, mostly stained and downright raw in some bits. I washed it in the washing machine and it is clean and even held together. Maybe you have an idea? My favorite idea gets a piece of this quilt , I think there are a few unstained blocks--

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redintheheadster said...

I think you should take some of the best blocks, sew them together into a table cloth that fits over a small round table, put it out on your patio between two white wicker chairs that have comfy cushions in them. Have a friend come over and sit in the chairs, eat something great and catch up on old times.
Ok, that was the best idea I could come up with at 10:00pm at night. Good luck and be sure to send a picture of the finished product.