Friday, August 8, 2008

More Recycled Aprons

Recycling these clothes into aprons is still satisfying, and oh so quick! In the 23rd day of triple digit heat here in Texas, i have to think of fast crafting. The red check one is a toddler sundress with darling appliqued  lady bugs, (second pic close-up). I didnt even have to apply these bugs nor sew on all this rick rack! Such a great idea.

The other apron already had different fabrics and a nicely pleated and formed waist. All I needed to sew was some ties and a bit of bias on the back edges to finish them nicely. Both of the aprons in under 30 minutes.


redintheheadster said...

I love the aprons. Who is the model?

MyCraftTime said...

You know it's me, can't get the other's too often to model!