Monday, August 4, 2008

Altered book technique-- Window and translucence

It has been a few years since the delightful times my sister and I had exploring altered book art. Jess is teaching a new class at her library, which inspired me to get out my box and work on some things this week. 

I covered my table with a vinyl tablecloth and spread out all my bits and dabs, fancy papers, inks and glues and acrylic mediums. I also had my file of text magazine pieces and images.

This technique illustrates the idea of  hidden views and revelation. The first page shows the butterfly and then the vellum pages printed with butterflies that you can barely see through. The next picture shows that vellum page open, showing  you the blue butterfly on the previous page through this page and something vague in front of you also revealing the text on this vellum page. As you turn this page a window appears with a partial image of a woman. when you turn that page, you see her in her entirety and can look back through the window at the preceding 4 pages.