Wednesday, June 18, 2008

High tea with Grandma

I have wanted to hold a fancy tea party for years now, I don't drink tea, but I love those little cookies and sandwiches. I decided to hold a party to introduce mom to my friends from Meetup. I got totally compulsive and carried away on this one.

I made several kinds of little fancy sandwiches, radish and poppy seed on german dark bread was mom's favorite. I also made chicken salad, apple boursin on melba toasts, ham ones, gougere, quiche, rolled ones, and scones. Our least favorite was the traditional cucumber watercress. I found lots of recipes searching under tea parties online.

Their were also all kinds of cookies, creme puffs, tarts, fruit and homemade fresh strawberry jam and lemon curd. Some friends brought cakes and cream mints.

My dear friend Donna loaned me all the beautiful hand painted salad plates and teacups. The were much more impressive in person because the colors were painted inside the fragile porcelain cups. She also had lovely glass pitchers, I am going to get some of those.I bought these tiered plates when I was living in Canada last summer.

Unfortunately, I misjudged badly on this lovely get together. I am diabetic, and I hoped my friends would take away ALL of the leftovers, No such luck the goodies hung around tempting me and I had to get rid of them. I won't do this again for years, or, I will have everyone bring the sweet stuff and take their leftovers home.


queen of everything said...

how beautiful. i love tea parties.

Sara said...

Oh, I just WISH I'd been there! The spread is even more beautiful than I had imagined. What an over-the-top day. We just can't do things halfway in this family.

But the leftover problem is always an issue for us too. We hold Church of Brunch and have to bribe people to take home their leftover high-sugar juices and half-empty donut boxes.

I've resolved to take more savory items to parties these days. There's always plenty of sugary stuff, but who else is going to bring chicken satay?!