Sunday, June 22, 2008

Bodice Ripper handbag continues part 2

Found this great fabric  left over from Valentine's day with LOVE printed all over it. This became the sides, bottom and handles. I made binding and we bound all the edges. These little binder clips seemed like a good idea but kept catching on the machine. I just wanted no pin holes in the vinyl which might weaken it. By binding all the edges it reinforced all the seems and covered any rough vinyl edges. It has pictures on both sides.We did not have to line it because the way we made the bound edges everything is finished inside. 
It is so cute, but too much work. I think next time I'll just buy one of those "grandma brag" handbags for photos and just stick my extra paperback covers in the photo slots... Of course, that won't have love word  handles. The love fabric was one directional and so we had to make all the words line up the right way too!

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