Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tangerine Tango

What a great necklace my friend Vicki designed for our beading day this week. She is going on a cruise and is wearing a zippy Tangerine linen casual suit with capris. We found this scrumptious citrus colored dichroic pendant at our recent bead show. We also found the perfect coordinating beads. The olive colored crystals accent the colors in the pendant. This pendant did not photograph as vibrant and sparkly as it is in person.

We also made some fantastic earrings, but she took them home before I got a picture. I have been crafting all week, but I forget to take pictures for my blog. I'll get the earring pictured soon. Vicki is now looking for tangerine patent leather pumps. I admire her spunk, a tangerine suit, WOW!

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