Sunday, July 6, 2008

Biscuit Puff Quilt

This style of quilt is cozy and old fashioned. It is made by pleating a top square that is larger say 6 1/2" to a smaller backing square that is 6 inches. you pleat 3 or the 4 sides and then stuff a wad of fiberfill into the pocket and then sew that block closed, sew all the blocks together and then put together with a backing. I think it is pretty and super puffy looking, but unless you also add regular quilt batting (a thin style) behind the finished top there will be "bare " paces in the quilt between the puffs where it is not so soft. I tacked the front to the back in a few places by machine so it would not shift when laundered. This makes such a pretty stroller pad.

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